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What to do?

In human history there has never been a plague affecting a world population of this size [7.6 thousand, million and counting]. Nor has there been one watched via the media, across the world, in 24/7. So: what to do? [1] Well ‘the world is as it is’ and that includes the brutal fact that the poor and needy will be more likely to die and some of the rich and very rich will go on taking more than their share and using violence to get it. So, don’t give up campaigning and struggling for compassion and justice. [2] There is a life and an inner-life of fulfilment. It is of almost infinite variety even when survival seems tentative. So, find and nourish your inner-self. [3] Part of this is to do with our intimacies and connectedness with other people [as Barbara puts it]. We do this as we engage more, share more, enjoy feedback. So, keep on making contact.

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