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2020 01 11 categories.JPG

5 new drawings - “Without going outside, you may know the whole world [Lao Tsu ‘Tao Te Ching’ 47].”

[1] broken fence.jpg

Broken fence

[2] neighbour with magpie.jpg

Neighbour with magpie

[3] white orchids at 40 degrees.jpg

White orchid at 4-degrees

[4] artist at work again.jpg

Artist at work again

[5] interior.jpg


Working with Ruth Dronsfield via zoom for half an hour most weeks is proving supportive and enabling

4 Drawing, looking and thinking.jpg

Drawing, looking and thinking

2 Window-view.jpg

Window view

3 Orange tulips.jpg

Orange tulips

1 Barbara wood sculpture reconstructed.jpg

Barbara wood sculpture reconstructed

Whatever the subject this half-term people have got into the frame

2021 11 01 watch.JPG


2021 12 08 needing to draw.jpg

Needing to draw

2021 11 29 African carving.jpg

African carving

Zoom with art-teacher Ruth Dronsfield has had the theme: ‘where I am, where I’ve been, and where I’d like to be.’

00 2021 08 12 [2nd] focus [1].JPG


Four humans

Cloud shapes.JPG

Cloud shapes

Spring Holiday Saturday {BH}.JPG

Spring Holiday sunshine

Sense of the sublime.JPG

Sense of the sublime

Two men and one tree.JPG

Two men and one tree

Two stories for covid times

A sense of scale - succulent with human,

A sense of scale - succulent with human, skyscraper and Welsh-dragon



First work in 2021

2021 02 00 Rudbeckia [3].jpg


2021 01 21 words and masks [7].JPG

Words and masks

2021 01 05 shell [3].JPG


Dream walking

2021 01 18 dream-walking [7].JPG
2021 01 00 woman in chair {BH] [5].JPG

Women in chair

2021 02 04 travellers [7].JPG


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