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Tony Holden Poems:  These last couple of years have been difficult - getting older, health-wise and because of some grim world affairs. We – like so many we know – have dug deep into friendships and into our own creativity and spirituality. So, editing my ‘Complete poems [1960 on]’ and making this ‘Selected Poems May 2022’ has been a tough but enjoyable part of that process. It’s certainly true that survival and fulfilment are indeed part of our lifelong learning and our lifelong journey: that ‘transforming search’. 

I did so enjoy the running, May 2002


In the dream I was lost

Running through the streets

And squares of a vast unknown city.

Whichever road I tested

I couldn’t find my way,

Whatever the effort I put in

I couldn’t find the exit,

However hard I thought of a solution,

I remained stuck.

Then - near the sea,

I realized there was no one

Going to befriend or advise or direct me,

I was powerless, frightened, exhausted.

And, as I turned back inland,

Running hard, [doing my very best],

I felt the urgent need to leave this dream

And I chose to waken up -

I stepped out into my own life

Embraced this ‘transforming search’

Used my meditation exercises and knew

The human grace of ‘suffering, joy and struggle.’

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