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What do you want to do today?

[1] We continue to live through difficult times. Unsurprisingly they put serious pressures on our responsibilities and freedoms. At a very basic level we treasure our power to act.

[2] A strange fact of my life is how much my power to do things varies.

[3] So, for example, sitting typing at this computer I can [within limits] do what I want. I’m reminded of words by Hilary Mantel: “sometimes I feel that each morning it is necessary to write myself into being” Writing ‘does it’ for me!

[4] But, also for example, sometimes I can walk from one chair to another [or perform some task] easily. At other times I get stuck and have to hold on for a while [handles and doorframes are my forte!]. I’m reminded of words by Raymond Carver: “And did you get what / you wanted from this life, even so? / I did” I’m using his words in a poem I’m working on. It ends: “And, as my reach and power / Lessen, so I desire peace and justice / So, I value each creative action.”

Note – Hilary Mantel ‘Memoir giving up the ghost’’ 2003 and Raymond Carver ‘Late Fragment’ 1988.

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