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Website and our early spring-cleaning

If we were on TV, we would no doubt be ‘showcasing’ our 2020 achievements. There are some changes in design and here are the new items. [1] This blog! [2] Comment - ‘Travellers’ came out of our reading an amazing story about a woman in the Artic in 1934. [3] Poems - Tony’s poem ‘Touching’ surfaced during these difficult months. [4] Books – the next RAB issue will be April: do email your recommendations asap. [5] Art and drawings – art-class is now 1<>1 via zoom: Sian manages the website so don’t miss her painting or other personal links. [6] Church and community - includes our ‘Being connected’ and another version of ‘Remembering Brian Frost’ triggered by a [year-on-memorial] zoom. We hope you enjoy all we show and, though our lives are somewhat limited, we do keep going. Do encourage others to look and subscribe.

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