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Using your time

Finding things to do, rather than finding time to do what we want to do, is a challenge. Obviously people differ hugely in their choices of interests and passions. I spend a lot of time on daily-living, writing poems, engaging with TV and books, writing, drawing. Within these general pleasures certain moments stand out. For example – in our 55 years+ of marriage I’m not sure that previously we’ve spent 100+ continuous days in each other’s company. I’ve written poems since I was twenty but never before written one to fit particular music [Calon lân]. Sometimes a TV programme is outstanding [The Goldfinch 2019]. In writing it’s great when someone says, ‘tell Tony I really liked his article’ [in LMC magazine]. In drawing I am doing an online course [with regular art-teacher Ruth Dronsfield]. All of this is to do with well-being, happiness and fulfilment – even when the times are difficult.

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