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Tony and Barbara – “running out”

Tony drawing: ‘this day’

We’ve had neighbours who contacted us to say: “can I come round I’ve run out of coffee (or sugar or eggs)”. We feel we are running out of energy – we are old enough to express this as ‘running out of steam”. We expect you will have your own versions!


[1] Maybe we are running out of energy because our own personal resources are so tested as we wait to move to a much more accommodating flat. We are having to dig deep.


[2] Maybe we are running out of energy at the waste and damage being caused by wars. We think especially of the war between Russia and Ukraine and between the State of Israel and Palestinians. It is all truly ‘dreadful’. We hope and pray for peace and remember all who are negotiating for peace and more equitable systems.


[3] We googled the word ‘patience’ only to find Wordsworth: “Surprised by joy – impatient as the wind”. And a dictionary definition: “Waiting calmly in spite of difficulties”. We are ‘all for’ being “surprised by joy” but staying calm and taking care of yourself and each other is (what you might call) ‘a work in-progress’.


[4] So, take care of your self – Michel Foucault wrote: “the care of the self does not mean simply being interested in one-self, nor does it mean having a certain tendency to self-attachment or self-fascination. // it describes a sort of work, an activity; it implies attention, knowledge, technique [‘Ethics’].” So, take care.


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