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Time to find your own space

The phrase “I need my own space” has a different ring to it since ‘voluntary isolation’ and ‘lockdown.’ It’s all very strange. My need to be alone is heightened. And yet I know how much I am missing meeting people. The useful and ubiquitous IT-links are vital yet different. What’s going on? Well, human meetings are - [1] to do with smell taste touch physicality [2] they are life-size and there is no doubt that scale is a factor in communication and power [3] they are usually linked with a context and sense of place [rather than always on ‘my’ screen] [4] they sometimes are to do with public or civic space: not always personal-private space. [5] So we seek to survive and be fulfilled even though much is diminished. You could say that ‘the examined life’ explores its own space.

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