• Tony Holden

New Year

New Year greetings from both of us [Tony and Barbara] - We all know change and continuity from birth. The New Year offers us a sort of tripwire, a fence to jump over, a time of reflection. We are at a point in our lives when our parents died many years ago; our twins have teenage children; ageing and health test us out. Meanwhile the world turns - not only in relation to climate change, economics, wars, migration and Covid-19 - but also in our understanding of it. [1] Our human history is rewritten when we see newly discovered mammoth bones on TV [near Swindon!] [2] The cosmos is re-examined through the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope. And [3] if you want to go classic try Heraclitus: “you cannot step in the same river twice.”

Footnote: Siri Hustvedt new essays 2021 has: “In the same river we both step and do not step, we are and we are not.”

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