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I am 80

I am 80 – and it feels like something. Celebrations were limited by

Covid and the fact that I’m recovering from pneumonia. But family and friends

made contact through cards, gifts and lots of cake! Right now we miss hugs,

people, and ordinary daily-life. A friend wrote: “I find it hard to cope with this

strange new world.” One of the things that is becoming clear from zooming is

that ‘materiality’ is more solid, complex, and more fulfilling than virtual

‘anything.’ We live in a world in which we experience ‘stuff’: we engage with it

we relate to it in all its ‘body-ness.’ Our hunger for, what I call, ‘being-reality’

is at the centre of what religious people call ‘God.’ Our desire for such

meeting, such intensity of awareness, such meditative-focus [choose your

own end-words] is central to the hazardous adventure of being human.

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