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How is it going for you?

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

If your life is dominated by the idea that “not to be born is the most to be desired” [Sophocles] - you are in a lot of trouble. If your life is driven by a desire for “complete happiness” – you are in a lot of trouble. Most people have life-experiences that are varied and range from very negative to very positive. These ideas seem to have ‘got at us’ not least because of covid-19 but also because of our own health-issues. So this blog has a new drawing and a new poem and links to our new THBH ‘Being at home’ article and to the previous ‘church and community’ item on ‘Suffering, joy and struggle.’

Tony Holden - And be at home there, March 2021

To the north - through the window at street-level

Is ‘our’ [bigger-than-the-house] oak-tree -

It grows on Staples Hill and stands tall and branched,

A first step into the kilometres of ancient Epping Forest.

To the south upstairs - we have a view

Of a horizon beyond trees and our commuter town -

A cityscape that includes the Greenwich Millennium Dome,

Embracing London’s diverse millions.

To the south downstairs – we sit out on our patio

It is our doorway, our memory, our imagination’s store –

To the sea, London, European cities, the Milky Way,

And above us, there is endless cerulean sun-blue sky.

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