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Experienced voices

There are people who know about living with serious long-term pain; who know about self-isolating; and who yet speak of hope. Jan Rees-Gould is Barbara’s cousin. Because her immune system is compromised [long term] she hasn’t been out since 10th March. She wrote to us about coping without a cleaner; the trials of getting medical backup; using her semi-professional singing; her cooking skills; her art-work to help her survive. All of this, and missing people. She wrote: “I think everybody should look beyond the virus, we will re-join our groups and we will do all the things we love doing, but not in quite the same way. Times are hard but look at all that we can do and enjoy doing. Anything else is given its place just like we handle pain, I call pain my extra overcoat, love Jan [shared with permission].”

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