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We’ve been 100 days in self-isolation. Last week was our 55 th wedding anniversary. Today is the date in 1999 when we moved into this house. We use our own age [and that of grandchildren] as a marker. Sharing memories and photos does the same. So, keeping count is useful and interesting. Some people do it by remembering. I do it by diary-recording. I wonder if this process helps with repeated and difficult tasks. Does it increase our motivation? Does it strengthen our resolve to get things done? Is it a factor in pushing on with repeated tasks that are necessary but not a great joy? Well, maybe ‘I can’t add up[!]’ but counting is useful as we attempt to maintain our health and balance.

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1 Comment

Jul 06, 2020

Always love your paintings , and now your wise words. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary , you make a lovely couple

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