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After March 1st

A Welsh-English marriage doesn’t sound striking as mixed marriages go. But ours still keeps both traditions alive. Currently I might speak of Welsh rugby [except England lost!]; or Welsh and Celtic art [as on a TV series]; or culture [as in the eisteddfods]; or even the hopes of being a sovereign state [a project for some ever since the Edwardian Conquest of Wales 1277-1283]. And then there is Saint David’s Day [he lived 500 - 589 AD]. This year Barbara saw it as an opportunity for hospitality and she made bags which contained Welsh cakes, Bara Brith, and two Welsh cheeses {Abergavenny and cavern-aged Welsh Cheddar} plus biscuits. These were taken by two kind helpers to distribute to some 20 neighbours and friends. And so, we end with the words from St David’s final sermon: “Be joyful, keep the faith, do the little things as you have seen me do.”

PS: Do also have a look at the church and community article – ‘suffering, joy and struggle.’

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