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Opening up

I noticed a friend saying of her blog: “it’s only a diary really but I’ve put a lot of experiences and feelings into it.” Why – why do we want to communicate, why share, why open-up? I’m reminded of Virginia Woolf: “I mean it’s the writing not the being read, that excites me” [‘A writer's diary edited Leonard Woolf’ 1953]. This may or may not be OK when you are a famous writer – but for the rest of us: “what drives us to show and share?” I’ll offer three answers. [1] It meets some desire in me which hopefully is a tad more sophisticated and authentic than being a ‘show-off.’ [2] I do value and learn from feedback. [3] I think in these hard times of covid-19 sharing our creativity [in my case in writing or drawings] is a way of being kind.

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