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Drawing ‘cloud shapes’

This is a drawing of one of my views beyond our small [wonderful] garden. [1] The skyline includes a house-roof through to the wire-fence edging the school. [2] After several days of looking at stormy skies I decided to attempt the layers of grey cloud – hence the title ‘cloud shapes.’ And, whilst working on cloud shapes [lines, textures, colours] the figure emerged. [3] The figure led to the framing [mirrors, doors, windows, jewels]; the deep blue; and some cutting and pasting [which hopefully is hidden!]. [4] A few days on and a few comments from friends later – I wonder what is this drawing about? Well – it is a drawing. These are grey cloud shapes. It is an exercise in scale [magpie to huge figure]. I recall the classic mythology of ‘sky gods.’ And it is about ‘Tony Holden’ in-house – meeting and engaging in his inner-space [aspects of myself or Jungian archetypes] and also [inescapably] with all that is other and out there.

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