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Difficult 'balancing acts'

Three examples - [1] Many of us are used to doing a balancing act in our lives with work, family, money, ambitions. In addition to illness, death, and loss the pandemic has unbalanced many of us and life as we have known it. [2] Political conflicts [at all levels] are often about how we ‘balance’ our individual independence and self-determination with the sheer fact that we are interdependent with other humans and our planet. [3] We’ve been reading David Hockney and Martin Gayford ‘Spring cannot be cancelled’ set in Normandy [2021]. His art-work continues to be innovative and outstanding. But there is more. He also gives a description of personal balance [and self-realization] that is very attractive. He is especially astute on being old. On making creativity a means to fulfilment. On using self-discipline and change. And he demonstrates the wisdom of close-looking and intense-acceptance of the day and of what is in front of you.

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