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Christmas 2023

We’ve been out of action for a while not least through health problems. Though our lives go on apace {see our Christmas letter in the ‘Comment’ section}. [1] Like so many we are troubled by the wars and more than sad that the world leadership fails to negotiate peace with justice rather than take sides and providing armaments. [2] We long for imaginative and science-driven responses to climate change rather than short-term self-interest. [3] And in our own UK we hope for a government that seeks to govern the country for the benefit of all citizens. [4] We are blessed with family and friends especially all who visit us and who communicate via IT. [5] We hope that we can use this blog to share some of our lives with you. We don’t expect a million members anytime soon! But we do hope seeing this you will sign up. Love from us

Tony Holden poem - dining table: for the new year

I cannot stand or walk, so I find many things

Are quite ‘beyond my reach’ – but

The sound of a vacuum cleaner takes me back

To a small boy playing under a dining-table

With its wooden smell and green curtain-like cloth.

I felt alive and safe in that space and in our home

Wrapped around with parents, friends, church, school

And so many things to enjoy. And through the years,

[Give and take life’s hard times and human suffering],

We sat at that same table, eating, talking and caring,

Being encouraged to follow our chosen lives.

Being gifted a working and loving future.

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