• Tony Holden


It’s said that Covid-19 is causing people to ‘work from home’ - of course not all jobs can be done from home! But the idea of working at home raises hard questions about self-regulating. [1] In one sense we are self-regulating from our first breath! In another human growth is a life-long task of learning to stand on your own feet. [2] A mark of self-regulating is to do with how we manage change. And our world is changing at every level: because of Brexit, covid-19, climate change, unresolved wars and their casualties. [3] If self-regulating is a bottom-line for our survival and fulfilment it reaches its high-point as a means to our own self-realization. By self-realization I mean “the fullest possible expression in life of the innate potentialities of the individual, the realization of [his/ her] own uniqueness as a personality [Anthony Storr 'The Integrity of Personality' 1960].”

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