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People say many things!

[1] We live, unless we guard ourselves carefully, through 24/7 of unmanageable comment. Like all noise it can be harmful. I ask myself: how am I dealing with this? What’s happening

whilst I am separate from so much that is usual? What’s happening when the essential screen-communication feels so alienating?

[2] The words ‘separate’ and ‘alienating’ reminded me of a Paul Tillich book from the 1960’s in which he set such words over against the words ‘acceptance and grace.’ As a theologian he was offering a Christian understanding to do with the Jesus of the Gospels.

[3] But the words also operate in the context of creativity, mindfulness, and meditation. I’d say that if we are to survive and be fulfilled as persons we need to find ways to resist ‘separation’ and ‘alienation’ and to seek out ‘grace and acceptance.’

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