• Tony Holden

How it all works out

Many of us are watching a lot of TV repeats! Sometimes I can ‘mouth’ the dialogue - other times I can’t recall the ending. It’s a bit like re-reading a book. Both made me think: what difference does it make whether or not we know ‘how it all works out?’ A heavy example would be ‘how it all works out’ in terms of ‘life after death?’ Serious current examples include - ‘how it all works out’ in terms of: Brexit, covid-19, global warming, world peace! Many families are asking ‘how it all works out’ in terms of their employment; their children’s schooling; and their plans for the future. So, a good question! My own response is that I strive to stay with my/our own aims; to cope as best I can with uncertainty; to turn to family and friends for shared encouragement.

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