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Exercising your self

There’s a lot of advice about how to exercise and stay healthy – physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual. Every now and then [as an exercise] I get into thinking about what is seriously important to me [what to tell the grandchildren!]. It’s about selecting and pairing ideas down. But is also about discovery – discovery about yourself. So, have a go at listing four or five things/ ideas that are seriously important to you! Here’s my list this time – it means recognizing and understanding that:

[1] This is it – the universe, planet, humans, living in the present tense.

[2] Everything is real - including suffering, joy and struggle.

[3] Stuff happens - not all of it is fair, and each one of us dies.

[4] Values are the ground and energy of our actions and relationships - values such as kindness, compassion, love, forgiveness, peace, justice, inclusiveness, the complete good.

[5] Creativity and spirituality are formed by ‘meditative-focus’ - however we name and use our inner-space, dreamwork, archetypes, personal-life.

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