• Tony Holden

Close reading

I don’t remember learning to read. Barbara does – thankyou Mr. Thomas who was village-reporter for the ‘Merthyr Express.’ But I do recall early comics [‘The Eagle’ 1950]; ‘Scouting’ [1971]; and art magazines [‘The Studio’ until 1964 and then ‘Studio International’]. Being a Northerner I read ‘The Guardian’ which changed from ‘The Manchester Guardian’ on the day I was 19 [1959]. There were books at home, school, the library, and Universities. And reading became part of life-long learning and life-long pleasure. In my work I found myself editing and that included book-reviews. And in retirement there were book groups! The Greek word ‘hermeneutics’ [much-loved as a process by Biblical Scholars] means ‘interpretation’ and book-reviews come out of ‘interpretation’ and ‘close reading.’ So, Barbara and I started the e-mail RAB1 ‘Recommend a Book Project’ from 2008-2013 [17 issues]. RAB2 began August 2019 and we are at issue 5. It has 29 books from family and friends. Have a look under the ‘books’ category and ‘good reading.’

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